M. Carter: Home Buyer

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to commend Gary Thompson for his exemplary service and assistance in my house purchase this summer. Before meeting Gary, I was house shopping on my own and fended off several overtly aggressive agents that wanted my business. Gary stood out from the very beginning as someone who is clearly very good at his job and who has compassion, humor, extensive experience and, above a marked lack of sales pressure toward his client. Gary did not abandon me after we wrote up the offer; he proactively assisted me in the cumbersome document-gathering Olympics known as the mortgage insurance approval process. Gary also referred me to trustworthy inspectors and attended each inspection. Gary's humor and kindness provided much needed breaks of levity in a stressful time. More times than I care to admit, I emailed Gary very late at night with questions and, without fail, he responded timely (and correctly) to every question I had. With Gary as my agent, I was never left in the dark. He is truly very good at his job and clearly cares about his clients. I am grateful for the wonderful experience that I had him on my side."

K. Fox: Home Buyer

"I began working with Gary this past October after meeting him at an open house. I was just beginning to consider buying my first home and I already had a realtor in mind, but something about Gary's laid back yet highly professional demeanor impressed me, and I decided to meet with him to talk further. I met with Gary after letting him know I wasn't quite ready to be "in the market" just yet, but was interested in seeing what was out there in a variety of price ranges. Gary agreed to show me a few houses, including some that I found on my own. The experience was very exciting and I asked to go out again the following weekend. The day before that second outing, Gary called with some recommendations of his own, including a house that had come on the market that very day that wasn't yet posted on the websites I was checking. Long story short, the next day we saw that house, I fell in love, and Gary pulled out all the stops (including an incredible late-night offer-writing frenzy on Halloween night) to help me win the house over two other offers that came in the same day. Through it all, Gary made himself totally available to me for help with meeting service providers at the house when I had to be at work, to answer my (many!) questions, and to advocate for me and my interests at all times. I was very impressed with the customer service that Gary provided and am so happy I met him at that open house." My new home is a gem and I wouldn't be sitting here today if it weren't for Gary! I would recommend his services enthusiastically to anyone who is in the market for a new home in Seattle."

S. & E. McHenry: Home Buyers & Sellers

"Gary was referred to us by some friends who had worked with him some years before. From our first meeting with Gary, his professionalism (and there's no other way to put it) calmness helped us understand the process and helped us feel more at ease. The day we found our house we learned there were going to be other offers made the same day. Gary's strategy to win over the Sellers and get a reasonable price worked. Because of a new job opportunity out of state, we were forced to put our house on the market this past March, which was a dismal time for sellers. Selecting the right agent was important and again we chose Gary. Gary had recently sold two similarly valued homes. The clients of these transactions were glowing in praise for Gary's smart approach to staging and selling. His thoughtful analysis and planning worked; within two days of listing we heard from two buyers wanting to make offers! We appreciate Gary's gentle but firm approach in negotiating the counter-offer. Gary is an agent who gets the job done. He's cool in negotiation, realistic, fair, and yet assertive about our best interests."

L. Galloway: Home Buyer

"From the time I met you at an open house, I was stuck by your complete willingness to be at my service. I talked to several agents before I met you, but none came remotely close to you in terms of what you did to help me. You essentially took all of the work out of finding the right house by checking out properties ahead of time and saving me the trouble of looking at house that did not fit my criteria. Your walked me step by step through the process of writing the offer, answering all of my questions with extreme patience, completely accepting of my changes of heart along the way. I cannot imagine anyone doing a more thorough job of helping me buy my house, nor could I have hoped for anyone to be as friendly and affable in the process."

R. & T. Thompson: Home Buyers

"We found Gary's incredible service, knowledge of the market, and creative deal writing to make purchasing our home a breeze. When we decided on a home, Gary proved his real estate skills with creative, deal making ideas and a touch of humor to add levity to a stressful time. We believe his "out of the box" approach to making the deal won us our home on a multiple offer situation. Gary took the time to personalize the offer presentation, the deal became more than just numbers to the sellers and our offer stood out among the rest. He never let a detail slip and our house closed in record time."

K. & N. Schmitt: Home Buyers

As first time home buyers, there is obviously a huge learning curve involved, and we really appreciate the fact that you took the time to educate us on the entire process. We were able to make educated and smart decisions, thus, ending up with exactly the kind of home we wanted. The best part about working with you was there was no pressure involved, and you took the time to get to know us personally. You understood exactly what we were looking for, and made a special effort to show us homes with our preferences. Your quick response and constant follow-up always assured us where we were at in the process, and there was never any added stress of the "unknown".

J. & W. Neufeld: Home Buyers

"We were very impressed with how well you chose houses to show us that fit our needs. And your manner was so supportive-even though you were assisting other clients it appeared to us that you were always available to us, any day of the week, any hour of the day. The attention you gave to the countless details of buying a home made the process seem effortless to us-you called yourself "over-protective", but to us this was a blessing."

B. & R. Farah: Home Buyers & Sellers

"We met Gary at an open house where he was the agent representing the seller. We were impressed with the work he had done as a sellers agent and really liked his open and friendly demeanor, so we decided to go to him as our buyers agent. A year later, we ended up having to sell our house. Gary was very supportive and helpful throughout the preparation process. When the house was ready to show, he suggested an asking price for the house. The price was close to the amount we needed to break even, and we were tempted to list it for a higher price. But, he calmly pointed out that he thought the price was at a "sweet spot" in the market where we would generate a lot of attention and sell the home quickly. The best decision we made was to listen to him because we ended up getting four offers. We don't think we would've been able to sell the house for so much if we had listed it higher. The fact we turned a big profit was incredible, and we think it all had to do with Gary's ability to not only represent and sell the house well, but also his work in getting us a great price when we bought it."

M. Haar: Condo Buyer

"I ran into Gary by chance at an open house and it proved to be a most fortunate that I did. Gary patiently showed me a variety of homes and condo's and helped me narrow my focus. He quickly gained a sense of what I was looking for (even though I didn't know for sure myself!) and limited your viewing to those homes that met my newly found criteria. Within a couple of weeks he called me up to say there was a condo that I just "had to see". And it's from there that I write this letter today. Gary combines a patient, calm personality with outstanding knowledge of the real estate market and industry. He thoroughly explained all aspects of the home buying process to me, and all the other professionals he recommended to me were equally pleasant to work with. Despite his calmness, however, it was clear that behind-the-scenes he was doing everything possible to find me a home that I would be happy with."

M. & A. Haraldsdottir: Home Buyers

"Gary gave us all the time we needed to understand all the steps in full detail, which was very important to us. He handled negotiations very promptly and professionally, was always calm and composed, always had a plan and strategy."

R. Keil & E. Tsamakis: Home Buyers

"You were always thoughtful, courteous and in-touch with our needs. One aspect that worried us when we interviewed agents was that we might inadvertently select a pushy or overbearing person who wanted us to move along at a fast pace. You were an excellent choice: not flashy but steady and very in tune with the market."

M. & J. Summers: Home Buyers & Sellers

"Thank you for the excellence with which you represented us as our real estate agent, both in buying a new home and selling our previous home. The anxiety was kept to a minimum knowing that we were receiving sound and steady guidance all along the way."

K. & N. Eskridge: Home Buyers & Sellers

"Gary did an impeccable job and gave us by far the best service we've ever received from an agent. Buying our new home was so easy thanks to Gary's hard work. Gary is smart, knowledgeable, gave us great advice & worked tirelessly on our behalf. We tell everyone that an experience with Gary has set the standard for any kind of large purchase experience. He found us a wonderful house & we are very grateful for his attentiveness, sensitivity to our needs & hard work."